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Focus on attacking style of play important in young age groups

Jarl is playing in Sweden

Jarl at the Speed Session Allen High School

Jarl's letter about training with FC Force ESS

Swedish Soccer

My name is Jarl Arvidson, I am 11 years old and I came to Texas from Sweden last year. In Sweden I played soccer and ping pong. When I came to Plano, I did not know how to sign up for a team so it took a long time to find FC Force. I started in FC Force in December last year.

Swedish Soccer is not a whole lot different from the practice here at FC Force, but it is still not the same. In Sweden you more go for a good defense. Here you go for the attack. My team in Sweden, Sollentuna Fotboll Viby -00, had a lot of success in the games, but we didn’t have a lot of goals. It used to be like 2-1 or 3-2 when we won. The practice we had was always passing, shooting, and headers. And if we were lucky, sometimes even games. We had two different soccer practices in our team. One is passing and shooting when the other is dribbling. So we had about 2-4 practices a week. Our team had so many people in it so after a while we had to split our team in to different teams to play games in. I was lucky to get to be in the good team. We were undefeated.

The practice field was only 5 minutes away from my house with bicycle. We played and practiced in every kind of weather, also snow. Sometimes the snow even was up to your knees. It is like running in water. If it was below -10 C ( 14 F) the practice was usually cancelled.

 Now to talk about the games. The games could be really different. Sometimes we could be like 20 players and sometimes be 9.  We were 11 on the field.  Before I came here I used to be a goalie or defender. We had our forward, Jonathan how was a really good dribbler. He used to be the only player who scored goals. Our middle always had new players in it. And as defense we used to have me, Viktor, and Elias. Now that I have been to FC Force I’m not a goalie anymore. And I’m really glad for that, it could get really boring just standing there in the goal and do nothing.

 I like FC Force better because it lets me focus on soccer more and it finally turned me into a real striker.

Made by: Jarl Arvidson

My team in Sweden!

On of our most talented player Jarl Edwirson playing currently in Sweden

One of our most talented player Jarl Arvidson playing with Sollentuna FC in Sweden as striker / Jarl in action scoring with header

FC Force ESS 2002 boys Champions in Spring Kick off tournament

Congratulation to 2002 boys team for winning all their games in the Sprig Kick off tournament. 


Tony Bily Legacy

~~Tony Bily European soccer school is dedicated to one of the most legendary soccer player from Czechoslovakia ing. Anton Bily.
Ing. Anton was famous for his aerial domination and coordination ability in front of the goal. Scoring goals from any aerial position was his top trademark.  He was born in small country town Cary next to Bratislava, where he practice with his neighbors aerial magic.  Team mates were serving him ball all the time and admired his air magic and his cat like coordination.
Mr. Bily represented  Czechoslovakian National team in 1960 and played against most popular players icons like Pele, Garincha, Puskas.
His son Tony Bily Jr.followed his dad passion for soccer.
From Tony Jr. “Me and my dad spend lot of time on athletic fields where we compete in running and small sided games”. I always like sports, but want to learn more about techniques and scientific studies focus on advancement. This is why I went to university to study my favorite topic sports and languages.”
Tony Bily moved to North Texas and is now developing an excellent accelerating program for young athletes in USA. Currently one of kind soccer school program open to all athletes who have dream of becoming another soccer legend.



How a Soccer Star Is Made from the youth academy of the famed dutch soccer club Ajax details how development of the youth is the key to building dynamic highly skilled adult players.

Soccer in the 21st. century is a dynamic game requiring great individual skills, imagination, creativity and decision making. 

FC Force ESS focuses on 4 of the most valuable aspects of skill development:

Ball Mastery - Versatility – Speed - Creativity (“MVSC”)

Speed & Dynamic play – We emphasize on the speed of the game and a player’s speed with the ball.

Ball Mastery – Strong individual techniques are essential for building the player's confidence in different game situations.  Attacking techniques are emphasized to reflect strong individual ball control instead of just kicking and running.

Creativity – Our goal is to develop players with strong technical fundamentals who are able to create opportunities during games.  Technically strong players have better peripheral vision which is important for making correct decisions instead of just getting rid of the ball.  These players use one or more moves to create openings or better situations for passes. 

Players are reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis which helps them achieve and strive for the best possible playing level.

Versatility - Playing soccer at a young age is about mastering the fundamentals of the game and developing all the necessary techniques.  Since players often move to different positions, this forces them to be more active and knowledgeable in any area of the field. 

During the learning process, all players need to make mistakes in order to progress in their skill level.   At this young age, the result of the game and score is secondary.

When players become more physically matched, at approximately 13 – 14 years of age, the result of the game becomes of importance.

Tony Bily, DOC